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Newport Teaching Assistants needed!

  • Posted: 10-07-2019
  • Category: Jobs
  • Location: Newport, Newport
  • Type: Full Time / Temp
  • Salary: £55 - £61


We are in need of hiring Teaching Assistants in Newport and surrounding areas to help with the general supervision and management of pupils across our Newport schools. From September 2019, Education Supply Pool have been awarded preferred supplier status on the National Procurement Service Framework for school staff across South Wales.  

Whilst working as a Teaching Assistant you will work under the direction of the classroom teacher and be expected to assist with the implementation of instructional plans. The successful candidate will be ready to work with all children to promote educational, social and emotional development. The ideal applicant will be caring, patient and understanding.

The Teaching Assistant must be attentive to the unique needs of each student and be able to identify proper solutions when children encounter issues. You should have strong interpersonal skills, as you will be collaborating with other teachers, working with children and talking to families.

The successful candidates must be able to :

  • Assist with prepared lessons in all areas of the school curriculum (with consideration for varying levels of student ability)
  • Maintain a supportive, safe and clean classroom environment
  • Maintain a level of respect, control and discipline within the classroom on individuals or groups you support
  • Take part in/assist with the organisation of school events and activities beyond teaching hours
  • Liaise with colleagues to ensure unity and support are in place

Most importantly of all, we at ESP want to recruit candidates who are passionate about working with young people. This role demands enthusiasm, patience and a diverse set of skills.

With Education Supply Pool being awarded to the Llywodraeth Cymru / Welsh Government and National Procurement Service’s framework for the provision of supply staff, potential candidates will receive: 

·         Guaranteed half day pay if placement is cancelled last minute;

·         Reassurance that you will be working with an agency that meets strict government standards;

·         Continuous Professional Development (CPD) provided through our sister company (Cariad Training);

·         Potential guarantee payment schemes;

·         Mentoring service provided by a highly regarding ex head teacher;

·         A dedicated team of consultants;

·         In house face-to-face safeguard training; and

·         A mixture of day-to-day and long term assignments.



Education Supply Pool is more than just a recruitment agency; we are here to support you throughout your teaching journey. You will always be welcome to pop by if you need advice or feedback on your career, or even if you just fancy a chat. We will never be too busy to take time out for you!


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